2008 Dodge Grand Caravan Special Edition

    $ 8,000

    220,000 kms

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    It has been converted into a camping set up including bed, camping stove, extra battery, cell phone/electronic charger, working cooler, and lots of storage. I have driven and camped across the country in this thing and it is a great camping vehicle. Details:

    - Just got a new programmed fob (which would be 300$ at a lock shop), also have two older fobs which are near the end of life and only turn the car on one out of every 5 tries. The new fob works perfectly fine 100% of the time.

    - Just repaired the transmission fluid system (leak repaired) and had oil change, spark plugs and ignition wires replaced.

    - Within last year has had the AC system repaired – now works well

    - New breaks in 2022

    -Cosmetic paneling replaced in 2022 (see photos) – this was due to BC rules regarding a small amount of rust near the tire well 

    - Carfax from 2019 showing no collisions and no major issues. No collision history during my time with it.

    - Occasionally the check oil light will turn on – no obvious cause for this the car works really well.

    - Camping stove in the back (see photos), works great and included in the sale. Cooler charged by the extra battery (see photos), works great and included in the sale.

    - Bamboo mattress bed – actually very comfortable. Included in the sale.

    - Roof rack

    - TONS of storage and hidden places to put gear, including three wood storage boxes under the bed (included in the sale) and space for tote boxes under the bed as well (not included in the sale, we still need them for camping ourselves!). Collapsable side table for cooking (included in sale).

    - The original two middle seats are still present, hidden under the middle compartment. Currently they cannot be brought back up because they hit the wooden supports for the bed. I suppose the car could be converted further to allow for the two middle seats to come up by moving the bed frame back a few inches if one wanted to.

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    4-Speed Automatic

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    3.3-L V-6 OHV 12V

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